Chapter 603

Linda was completely devastated. Never did she expect that Charlie, with his harmless and innocent appearance, would be so ruthless and cruel! He broke her ten fingers and asked her to play rock-paper-scissors with him. She could only form the shape of paper with her broken fingers, which could only mean that she would keep on losing in the game! Charlie glanced at her blankly and said, “Alright, let’s begin.” He shook his hand while muttering, “Rock, paper, scissors!” As soon as his voice fell, he immediately formed a scissors hand. Linda couldn’t control her fingers at all. She glared at Charlie with her sorrowful eyes. Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Okay, scissors beats paper, I win. You owe me ten million.” “Come on, let’s play the second round.” “Rock, paper, scissors!” “Oh, I win again! You owe me twenty million.” “Come on, third round!” “Rock, paper, scissors!” “Hey, silly you, why do you keep showing paper? Huh, you’re so funny. You owe me thirty million now.”

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