Chapter 602

“This…this…” Linda was sweating profusely at this time. Over the years, she had already done plenty of such evil acts. She did not know how many lives she had ruined. Gambling was in itself an abyss that could swallow everything up. Some people fell into this abyss on their own, while others fell into it with their entire families. However, Linda had never cared about the life or death of these victims at all. She felt that this was her means to earn a living. How could she possibly win if other people did not lose? Therefore, she has never felt guilty because of these people. Charlie could see right through the hearts of these people. People like this were the cruelest and most ruthless vampires in this world. She lived by sucking other people’s blood and she did not care whether other people would die because she was sucking all of their blood. Charlie naturally had no sympathy for such people. He looked at Linda with a playful expression on her face as he smiled and said, “

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