Chapter 59

When everyone heard that Lily’s father was a cultural relic appraiser, they immediately cast a contemptuous and sympathetic gaze at Charlie. All of them shared the same thought—Charlie was so unlucky! His show-off moment was interrupted by the presence of an expert! It was like a slap right across his own face! It would be so humiliating if Lawson Lewis, Lily’s father, came downstairs! Claire blushed timidly. She leaned closer to Charlie and whispered, “So many people are watching you. You’d better not be stubborn, it would be so embarrassing otherwise!” On their way here, Charlie did tell her about the painting he bought but he said that it didn’t cost him a lot of money. Right now, however, he changed his attitude and claimed that it was very expensive. His sudden change of reaction made Claire a little doubtful and skeptical, figuring that Charlie might have lied for the sake of his reputation. On the contrary, Charlie was indifferent. He blurted, “If you don’t believe me, let

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