Chapter 58

Douglas had no intention to do such a thing, but Lily was overpowering his decision and he had no choice but to compromise to her shenanigans. However, the attendees were not surprised at all. When she announced how much each gift was worth, they could judge how well or bad their old classmates were doing after graduation. After all, comparison and jealousy were human nature. Then, Lily started the announcement. “Thank you, Jack Brown, for your one thousand dollars!” “Thank you, Bella Walsh, for the pair of gold ingots!” “Thank you, Ola Rivers, for the beautiful vase!” “Thank you, Clinton Tucker, for your ten thousand dollars!” The first few gifts, whether money or physical items, were mostly worth around one thousand dollars. Suddenly, when it came to Clinton, his ten thousand dollar monetary gift sent a shock wave across the restaurant. Ten thousand dollars were a big amount for the opening ceremony! Many people looked at Clinton with amazement and praised his generosity. C

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