Chapter 592

In fact, these five million dollars was made up of Elaine’s two over million dollars, including the two million dollars that Hannah had put in as bait. Linda was simply repeatedly lending the same five million dollars that Elaine kept taking and losing back to her. After a whole night, the fifty million dollars that Elaine got from mortgaging the villa was already lost. At this time, Linda told Elaine, “Sister Elaine, I am sorry, but it seems as though you have already used up the fifty million dollars that you got from the mortgage.” Elaine felt as though she was going insane, and she blurted out immediately, “My villa is worth more than one hundred million dollars! You cannot simply take a mortgage from me for just fifty million dollars! You should give me another fifty million dollars for it!” “I am sorry.” Linda smiled slightly before she said, “We have already signed a mortgage contract, and everything is written in black and white. You were the one who agreed to mortgage the v

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