Chapter 591

Hannah already knew that Zeke was the one who had given Charlie the villa at Thompson First. Therefore, she knew that she would have to push Elaine to the limit if she wanted to win the villa at Thompson First over from Elaine. Hannah knew that Charlie would not sit back and watch idly if Elaine did something so unreasonable. At that time, she would finally have the opportunity to take over the villa. Therefore, Hannah told Elaine, “You have already lost so much money. I think that it will be very difficult for you to win back all your money if we continue betting only ten thousand dollars. Why don’t we raise the bet instead? How about fifty thousand dollars? Anyway, you have enough money to cover your losses with the villa, but if you win, you can easily win back all your money in just two games!” Elaine had already lost all of her reasoning at this point, and she simply wanted to win all of her money back. Upon hearing this, Elaine immediately nodded in agreement as she blurted

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