Chapter 571

Soon, everyone hopped into multiple cars and went to Glorious Club. Mr. Lee was hesitant to go, but since it was rare for them to get together and his students had invited him to join them enthusiastically, he agreed. Charlie and Jacob hopped into a taxi together. Jacob whined angrily, “That Aaron Philips is too much! Why can’t he just leave me alone? Argh, d*mn, I’m pissed!” Charlie chuckled at his whining and said, “Dad, if you’re so upset, let’s just go home then.” “No!” Jacob muttered, “I haven’t been to the clubhouse, I want to go and see!” Charlie shrugged and nodded. When they arrived at the clubhouse, everyone gathered in the lobby. They were mesmerized and amazed at the luxurious decorations of the clubhouse. The extremely expensive and sophisticated interior design of the clubhouse had exceeded these elderly people’s imagination and their memories about a recreation center. Jacob was equally amazed. He pointed his phone around the lobby and took multiple pictures, ev

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