Chapter 570

Everyone’s eyes started turning red, and some of them even cried a little. “Oh, Mr. Lee. Please don’t, you don’t have to apologize to us…” Mr. Lee plastered a warm smile on his face. “I’ve been through thick and thin for all my life, I’ve witnessed your growth, I’ve witnessed the development of the country. I have nothing much to say but this, ‘be contented with a simple and virtuous life, delight in wisdom’. I’m still a poor old man after years of teaching, but my lifetime ideology is to live happily and be content with no regrets!” Loud applause shook the classroom. Everyone cheered, especially Jacob. He felt that Mr. Lee was the beacon to show the way after hearing what he said. Although he didn’t have much money, indulging himself in the antiques and cultural relics was his way to pursue happiness, so he was glad about it. Of course, there was still a source of pain in his life, and that was Elaine. Mr. Lee shuddered slightly as he gave everyone a lecture about ancient languag

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