Chapter 543

At the same time, Anthony was at the Serene World Clinic and was currently in a daze as he stared at the Rejuvenating Pill that Charlie had given him. He was thinking about what Charlie had said to him. Charlie told him that this medicine would be able to make him ten years younger, and it would also extend his life by another ten years. Although he knew that Charlie had magical powers, he still felt that this kind of medicinal effect was simply a fantasy. As the saying goes, there would be a day when flowers bloom and people would never be young again. Human beings could control anything in this world, but time was the only thing they could never control. How many people in this world could actually come up with a Rejuvenating Pill that could turn time around? However, since the medicine had been given to him by Charlie, Anthony had full confidence in the medicine’s ability. He knew that Charlie would never deceive or lie to him. If Charlie said the medicine would have such a

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