Chapter 542

After seeing her just now, all of his deep desires and feelings for Jasmine ignited once again. Therefore, he wanted to browse through each and every photo of Jasmine’s circle of friends. He carefully observed every picture of Jasmine and her friends. As he looked at her pictures, he sighed as he thought to himself that she was indeed a very perfect girl, and there was not the slightest fault that he could find in her at all. Thus, he secretly vowed to himself that he would have to get Jasmine no matter what he had to do! *** On the way back to the Moore family mansion, Reuben tentatively said to Jasmine, “Jasmine, I think that Sean seems to be interested in you!” Jasmine replied flatly, “Oh.” “Oh?” Reuben parroted her before asking curiously, “Why are you so cold and indifferent toward it?” “Then?” Jasmine asked, “Does he mean anything to me at all? No, he is nothing to me. So, do I have to pretend to be very excited just because he is interested in me?” Reuben asked, “Sean i

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