Chapter 490

At half past seven in the morning, Charlie pretended that he had just woken up. After washing up, he went out to buy something before he came home. Claire hurriedly headed to her office after eating breakfast. After that, Elaine put down the dishes before she dragged her husband, Jacob, out to visit the villa at Thompson First with her. She was already starting to lose her patience since it was taking such a long time for the renovations at the villa to be completed. Jacob was very unwilling to go and he tried to persuade her, “There are several floors in the villa and it adds up to more than a thousand square meters. The renovation and decorating job for the villa must be really very laborious. It should probably take more than half a year for them to be done with the renovation works. It’s useless even if you are anxious.” Elaine replied in a dissatisfied manner, “I don’t care! I have already lived in this broken house for long enough. If the renovations aren’t completed by next m

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