Chapter 489

Claire woke up at around seven in the morning. As soon as Charlie heard some movements, he hurriedly pretended to be asleep as he laid motionlessly on the floor. After getting up, Claire stretched as she got out of bed quietly. When she looked at Charlie, who was sleeping on the floor at this time, Claire could not help but feel a little distressed. Ever since Charlie married her and became the son-in-law of the Wilson family, he had been sleeping on the floor for more than three years. When they first got married, Claire really did not care much about Charlie and she did not have any feelings for him. However, after spending so many years with him, Claire did not know why she felt particularly safe with Charlie by her side. Sometimes, Claire was even afraid that Charlie would suddenly leave her. In this recent period of time, so much had happened at home and it made Claire even more certain that Charlie was actually the only person she could actually rely on the most in this wo

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