Chapter 471

A concerned frown appeared on Jeffrey’s forehead. He turned to his father, Jordan, and huffed, “Dad, why don’t we just sell off our property and run away with the money? If Kenneth really wants to attack us, we’ll be dead!” Jordan roared, “B*stard! Sell off our property?! If we sell it in a hurry, my billion-dollar empire may cost only 200 million! Do you know that, you idiot! This is my hard work!” Liam nodded. “Dad is right. Jeff, Weaver Pharmaceutical is dad’s precious creation, how could we sell it just like that?” Jeffrey raised his hand and slapped Liam. “Shut up, b*stard! Do you think you have any say here?” Liam stumbled a few steps back because of the force of the slap, covering his face. He pouted in dismay, but he spruced up and said firmly, “Jeff, I’ll still say it even if you slap me. The company is dad’s hard work, we cannot sell it!” “I’m gonna f*cking kill you!” Jeffrey’s face turned into an ugly shade of red. He was about to jump on Liam when Jordan, who had alway

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