Chapter 470

Initially, the Weaver family hoped that the new medicine would bring their company to the next level, but from the looks of it, the old medicine was much better! The worst side effect of the old medicine was inducing liver and kidney toxicity, but it wouldn’t induce penis necrosis. Therefore, the Weaver family was no match for Kenneth’s attack. At this moment, Kenneth’s bodyguards marched forward and grabbed Jeffrey by his shoulder despite his struggle and loud protest. They twisted his right arm into a horrific angle, snapping it effectively, making all the people who watched the scene shudder. “Godd*mn it! Argh!!! Oh my God!” Jordan was angry and frightened at the same time. Jeffrey was his eldest son and also the most beloved, but he could only watch in terror as his son’s arm was broken and couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually, Professor Cruz came running into the hall and said, “Mr. Weaver, Mr. Wilson, what’s going on?!” Kenneth turned his gaze upon the familiar voice

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