Chapter 431

As Charlie, his wife, and Loreen were bathing in the hot spring pool, Marcus, who had had the words ‘pathetic jerk’ engraved on his forehead and his plastic girlfriend who now had a crooked nose had hitched a ride in a dilapidated van back to the city. At this time, Marcus, who was sitting inside the van, kept his bloodied forehead covered out of fear that the van driver would see the words engraved on his forehead. Both of them had stopped the van on the way out of the Champs Elys Spa Resort. They had negotiated with the van driver and come to an agreement that the van driver would send both of them home for two hundred dollars. Right now, all Marcus wanted was to get home as soon as possible. He did not want any more trouble! However, the van driver could see the blood that was oozing out of Marcus’s forehead from the rearview mirror. After observing him for a long time, he could not help but ask in surprise, “Young man, are you hurt?” Marcus replied angrily, “This has nothing t

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