Chapter 430

Charlie was completely at a loss for words at this time. What did Loreen mean? Was she willing to become his mistress and underground lover just because of him? Still, how could he possibly agree to this kind of request? First of all, his feelings for Claire were real, and he was really sincere toward her. Even though Claire had been initially dissatisfied with her grandfather’s arrangement, she finally agreed to marry Charlie although her whole family was laughing and ridiculing her for her decision. Of course, Claire had never looked down on him before. Furthermore, when the auntie who had taken care of him in the orphanage fell ill, Claire was the one who lent him the money so that he could pay for her medical expenses. Charlie would never be able to forget Claire’s kindness. So, how could he possibly agree to let Loreen become his lover? At this time, Claire, who was fast asleep, suddenly moved a little. Charlie was startled and quickly pushed Loreen out of his arms. Loreen

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