Chapter 419

The young man was outraged when Charlie suddenly stopped Loreen and was so direct with him. He growled, “Okay, jerk, if you want to be killed, be my guest! I’ll strip my last name off if I don’t beat you half to death later!” Charlie said flatly, “Since you like to show off so much, I can suggest a new last name for you—showoff.” “Motherf*cker!” The young man was so pissed that he was about to jump on Charlie any second now. Right at this moment, a chubby middle-aged man sprinted towards them with a few brawny guards in tow. The young man smiled as soon as he laid eyes on the chubby man. “Hey, Mr. Hicks, I haven’t seen you in a few days, you’re getting bigger now. It seems that you have quite an enjoyable life, huh!” Mr. Hicks giggled and said, “Mr. Lloyd, how can my life be comparable to yours? I’m just one of the menial staff members under Mr. Cameron, unlike you with your big and diversified family business.” Then, he quickly asked, “By the way, Mr. Lloyd, what’s going on here

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