Chapter 418

The young man turned back to Charlie with a vicious look and cursed, “Hey, kid, you’d better compensate us while I’m still asking nicely! My girlfriend and I want to go to the hot springs, so be a good dog, and get the hell out of here!” Charlie said coldly, “What if I don’t want to?” The young man sneered. “A bunch of poor, pretentious jerks. Wait here, I’ll let you know the consequences of not paying.” Then, he took out his phone and started calling someone. “Hey, Mr. Hicks, I came to your resort and some idiots scratched my car at the bloody parking lot. They’ve refused to compensate me and are messing with me right now. Get some guys here right away!” After ending the call, the young man smirked and said, “Loser, I’ll give you one last chance to to compensate me for the damage and apologize to me right now. When Mr. Hicks comes here later, you’re gonna be so dead!” Loreen was afraid that Charlie would get hurt so she quickly said, “Okay, fine, it’s my unlucky day today. How m

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