Chapter 415

Honestly, Charlie didn’t want to go. In fact, he would even reject Claire’s offer if it wasn’t for Elaine meddling between them like that. The reason why he didn’t want to go was that he was rather repulsed by Loreen right now. Ever since Loreen found out that he was her life savior and her dream lover after he rescued her for the second time, she had been confessing to him repeatedly. Now that she asked his wife to the hot springs and insisted on inviting him, his wife might be the cover for her real intention of wanting to see him. It would be very awkward and unpleasant if he did go. However, he was irritated and annoyed by Elaine’s babbling and nagging. ‘You don’t want me to go, huh? I will go then! Bite me!’ Elaine didn’t expect Charlie to disobey her. She was panting and huffing with anger, but she couldn’t say anything in front of Claire. Since Charlie had agreed to go, Claire said, “Loreen booked rooms at Champs Elys Spa Resort in the suburbs, it is said to be the prope

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