Chapter 414

After getting home and finished making dinner, Jacob, who had been out all day, came home first, then followed by Claire who had been busy at work the whole day. After all the food was served on the table, Elaine hurried back happily and said proudly, “Hey guys, I won more than seven grand from playing cards today!” Jacob gasped reflexively, “Wow, dear, that’s awesome! Seven grand a day, that’s two hundred and ten grand a month!” Claire frowned, displeased. “Mom, I don’t mind if you play cards occasionally in your leisure time and a little winning is understandable too, but seven grand a day? Isn’t that a bit too much? Careful not to get addicted, it’s very risky!” Elaine waved her hand in disdain and snapped, “Hey, I know what I’m doing, don’t you come to lecture me about it. My card mates are a bunch of rookies, they are far worse than me. I can win even with my eyes closed! Don’t you know your mom’s nickname around here? The Queen of Cards, that’s me!” Claire sighed helplessly

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