Chapter 400

Charlie replied lightly, “Tell me about it.” Jasmine hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, our family has invested more than one billion dollars in Glorious Club and it is regarded as a relatively large investment for our family. I am afraid of us making any mistakes. Therefore, I hope you’ll be able to come and help me take a look at the club to see if the Feng Shui of the club is good. If there are any problems, I’d like to stop any disaster from happening before it’s too late.” Jasmine was a little nervous at this time because she did not know whether Charlie would agree to her request. Therefore, she could only stare anxiously at Charlie with her big and bright eyes. Charlie smiled faintly as soon as he heard Jasmine’s words. The Moore family had already performed well and Jasmine had always been very loyal to him. Moreover, Jasmine even came to his house personally to ask for his help and she was also very polite and respectful towards him. So, Charlie felt that it would not hurt for h

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