Chapter 399

Charlie asked, “Why are you looking for me?” Jasmine smiled slightly before she said, “Well, the Moore family has invested in a high-end entertainment club and I want to give you an All Access Supreme VIP membership card. I am waiting outside your house now.” Charlie replied in a casual manner, “Alright then, you can come in. I’m home.” Jasmine hurriedly replied, “That’s great! I will come over now.” Charlie hung up the phone after that. A few minutes later, Jasmine rang his doorbell. As soon as he opened the door, Charlie’s eyes lit up immediately. Jasmine was wearing a long, black evening gown and it was a very tightly fitted dress which showed off her thin waist and beautiful curves perfectly. Her long and fair legs shone like a beautiful piece of jade under her dress. Coupled with her glamorous and elegant face, Jasmine really looked very beautiful and exquisite. Charlie could not help but take a few more looks at Jasmine because she was so beautiful today. “Mr. Wade.” I

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