Chapter 383

Elaine was shocked at the father and son’s vicious plan! She yelled out, “Both of you are worse than beasts! I’m going to bite you to death!” Justin slapped Elaine directly across her face as he sneered, “Damn you! B*tch! You’d better behave yourself!” After that, he grabbed Elaine by her hair before he dragged her towards the bedroom inside. Elaine kept resisting and Claire wanted to rescue her but Jason did not give her a chance to do so. He grabbed her arm firmly and she could not move at all. Justin really did not expect Elaine to have such a strong personality and such a fierce temper! Therefore, he yelled at her in a furious manner, “Damn it! Do you not believe that I’m going to shoot you, you b*tch?” At this time, Jason suddenly spoke up and said, “Dad, Charlie might arrive anytime soon. If you aren’t done by the time he arrives, I’m afraid I won’t be able to deal with him on my own.” Justin hesitated for a moment before he kicked Elaine aside and said coldly, “Alright th

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