Chapter 382

”Oh, Charlie. You didn’t expect me to be the one calling you?” “Jason Grant?” Charlie asked in a cold manner. “Why is Claire’s cell phone with you?” Jason sneered before he said, “Because your wife is in my hands now! I’m ready to take off all of her clothes now because I want to enjoy her body!” After that, Jason said once again, “Oh, by the way, I heard that Claire is still a virgin? Hahaha! Charlie, you’re really useless! You’ve already been married to Claire for more than three years and you haven’t even slept with her? Don’t worry, I’ll destroy her virginity for you today! Hahaha!” Charlie was furious at this time and he yelled out in a cold voice, “Jason! I’m warning you now. If you dare to hurt my wife, I won’t let you off just like that!” “Damn you!” Jason said in a cold manner. “You have twenty minutes to come to the riverside villa. If you don’t arrive in time, then I can’t guarantee that your wife will still be a virgin! She might even lose her life! Hahaha!” At this t

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