Chapter 375

When Charlie saw Anthony saluting and bowing before him, Charlie waved his hand before he said, “Mr. Simmons, you don’t need to be so polite with me. You don’t need to call me Mr. Wade either, you can just call me Charlie.” “How could I possibly do that?” Anthony hurriedly bowed before he said, “Mr. Wade, you are my master, so how could I possibly address you by your first name?” When Charlie saw how stubborn and persistent the old man was, he did not continue to persuade him. Instead, he simply said, “I heard that Jason Grant and Kenneth Wilson came to see you yesterday?” Anthony was very surprised at this time. “Mr. Wade, how did you find out about this?” Xyla stuck out her tongue before she said, “Grandpa, I was the one who told Mr. Wade about this…” Anthony started to reprimand Xyla immediately. “Young girl! Mr. Wade is so busy with his own daily affairs, so how could you bother him with something as trivial as this?” Xyla felt very aggrieved at this time. The reason why she

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