Chapter 374

Charlie simply replied, “Yes, I will come over and take a look later in the afternoon.” “That is great, Mr. Wade!” Xyla yelled excitedly before she said, “Let me tell Grandpa the good news now. He must be very excited!” After he was done cleaning up in the kitchen, Charlie came out of the kitchen and he saw that Claire was already ready to leave the house. After that, he asked, “My dear wife, are you heading to your studio now?” Claire shook her head before she said, “No. Mom called me and she told me that she has a friend who’s interested in renovating a villa. Therefore, I’m heading there to check it out.” At this time, Charlie replied in a hurry, “Which area are you heading to?” Claire replied immediately, “The villa by the river.” Charlie smiled before he replied, “That’s perfect! Can you drop me off at Serene World Clinic on the way to the villa? I want to pay a visit to the genius doctor, Dr. Simmons.” Claire was very surprised and she asked, “Are you going to see Dr. Simm

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