Chapter 355

Kenneth was so pissed off right now, and Wendy was a convenient tool for him to vent his anger out so that he didn’t burn himself in the wrath of fury! As soon as they returned to the Wilson family villa, Kenneth dragged Wendy out of the car and rushed into the house. Christopher, Hannah, and Lady Wilson were sitting in the living room. When the parents saw Kenneth and Wendy rushing upstairs straight away without greeting them, a tinge of awkwardness hovered on their faces. Lady Wilson cleared her throat and said, “You guys should be grateful that Kenneth is fond of Wendy. Stop overthinking it.” Christopher nodded reluctantly and answered, “Mom, I’m not overthinking it. I just feel a little awkward.” Lady Wilson chided disdainfully, “What’s so awkward about it? You’re getting paid for it, aren’t you? The five million dollars that Kenneth gave to Wendy, is it in your hands now?” “Yes, mom, it’s with me.” Lady Wilson sighed and softened her tone a bit. “See? If Wendy and Kenneth

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