Chapter 354

Kenneth bit his lips, enduring the humiliation and anger in his heart as he respectfully said to Charlie, “Grandpa, can I go now?” Charlie patted his cheek and said, “Okay. Go now, my dear grandson!” Tears of humiliation fell from Kenneth’s eyes as he turned around and walked out tremblingly. Wendy hurriedly followed him out of the venue as well. They walked as fast as they could, worried that Charlie would stop them again, but Charlie had lost all interest in teasing them. Kenneth’s penis had completely malfunctioned now, he would be trapped in extreme despair for the rest of his life! After they went out, Don Albert rushed toward Charlie and said, “Master Wade, I’m sorry for being late. It’s my fault for letting you waste your time and effort with that trash. I’m willing to accept any punishment for my negligence.” Charlie waved his hand indifferently and asked, “Why are you here? Isn’t this the summit for the construction and decoration industry? Are you in this field, too?”

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