Chapter 331

Lady Wilson became flustered as soon as Charlie suddenly exposed her true motives. She thought that she would be able to deal with Claire’s family easily, and she thought that it would be especially easy to deal with Charlie since he was nothing but a piece of trash. Lady Wilson thought that it would not be that difficult at all and thought that Charlie would certainly feel grateful and happy as long as Harold and Wendy apologized to him. However, she did not expect Charlie to be the one to see right through her act. When she saw that her true motives had already been exposed, Lady Wilson hesitated for a moment before she said, “We are all family here, so we should all be working together so that our family can prosper! Wouldn’t it be a joke to the public if word spreads that our family is running two different companies?” Charlie sneered before he replied, “The richest man in Hong Kong, Li Ka-Shing, and his son are also running two completely different companies. So, is anyone mak

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