Chapter 330

Lady Wilson trembled as she walked toward Claire and knelt directly in front of her! Everyone in the ward was shocked at this time! Who would have ever imagined that the haughty and arrogant Lady Wilson would kneel in front of Claire? This truly was a shock to everyone! Even Christopher did not expect his mother to actually be willing to kneel in front of Claire and beg, just so that she would be able to trick Claire into going back to work for the Wilson Group. She had been so strong and arrogant throughout her entire life, always trying to control and manipulate everyone around her. How could she possibly kneel in front of someone else like this? Why would she kneel in front of Claire? Claire was also surprised and dumbfounded at this time. She quickly replied, “Grandma, what are you doing now?! Please get up! We can amicably discuss things.” Lady Wilson continued kneeling in front of Claire before she said apologetically, “Claire, what your grandmother did in the past was wro

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