Chapter 318

Don Albert shot Jason an intimidating glare and said, “Master Wade is our leader, your disrespect to him is equivalent to making us your enemies. If you dare blurt a single nonsensical statement again, I’ll break your leg!” Jason’s face turned green and blue as the VIPs chided him continuously, shocked and speechless. At this moment, Anthony yelled coldly, “Come here, Joshua Lynch!” Joshua shuddered in astonishment when his name was called. Others might not know it, but he knew very clearly whether his magical elixir had cured Anthony’s illness. He could still deceive them earlier, but now that the real man was here, his bluff would be exposed! Nevertheless, he stepped forward with his head hanging low and greeted, “Master Simmons.” Anthony rebuked angrily, “I heard you say that you cured my illness with that pill in your hand, is that true?” Joshua started frantically, “I’m sorry, Master Simmons. I was just talking nonsense and bragging about something I didn’t do, please forgi

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