Chapter 317

Following the direction of the sound, everyone looked towards the door and saw a middle-aged man in a smart suit walking into the ward. Jason and Dr. Lynch freaked out as soon as they saw the man, their faces turning green and their mouths wide agape. He was the dignified king of Aurous Hill’s underworld, Don Albert Rhodes! What the hell was going on?! Why was he here? Before Jason and Dr. Lynch could react to his appearance, the next scene made them dumbfounded as if they had been struck by lightning! A group of people barged into the room like a SWAT team. They were Doris Young, Zeke White, Graham Quinton, Travis Lane, Anthony Simmons, and so on! These people were prominent figures in Aurous Hill and Lancaster! They walked directly to Charlie, bowed and greeted respectfully, “Master Wade!” Charlie asked curiously, “Why are all of you here?” Don Albert answered, “Master Wade, we came as soon as we heard about your father-in-law’s accident, hope you don’t mind our sudden intru

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