Chapter 307

A passage appeared immediately as the crowd of onlookers made way and stood to the side as if there were invisible barriers. Doris and Jasmine, two charming belles who donned very formal and elegant dresses with smiles on their faces, walking side by side from outside towards the door. Behind them were Zeke White along with Kevin and Gerald, Graham Quinton along with Aurora and Adam, and Anthony Simmons and his granddaughter Xyla. They walked in a group like a team of Avengers. Albert Rhodes walked behind the pack. Wendy’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief as she stared at the scene. These people were all prominent figures in Aurous Hill that rarely appeared in public places, but they gathered here to congratulate Claire, which made her envious and agitated! She was always on her high horse previously with her background as the daughter of a wealthy family and one of the most outstanding young people in the city. She was pretty and attractive, tall and slim, and she was regarde

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