Chapter 306

The entire building started to get very lively and chaotic out of sudden. A simple opening ceremony had created such an extravagant scene that even involved a helicopter! Everyone poked their heads to look at the few people standing in front of the office. Claire was in a daze. She had indeed invited some people, but they were not very close to her and she didn’t know anyone who could afford a helicopter. Someone in the crowd exclaimed, “Isn’t that flower basket the legendary Tiffany limited edition? I heard that one flower basket costs more than one million dollars!” “Wow, look at all those flowers! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before, they’re so beautiful!” “These are Dutch tulips! The exclusive Dutch tulips are very expensive, a single bulb can cost anywhere from thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars! And there’s even Blue Enchantress Hydrangeas and Juliet roses…wow, these are all rare flowers! You can’t cultivate them here in our country, they can only be airlift

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