Chapter 304

He was perplexed and casual though. He had already sent an invitation to Emgrand Group, so Doris Young would and must attend. She was probably preparing the gift since she was not here yet! Christopher put on a pompous expression and said, “Well, do you still think you’re so well connected?” It was almost ten o’clock. If there were any guests coming, they would have arrived at the door by then. However, the entrance was empty and quiet. Apparently, no one would show up. Wendy said in a cocky tone, “Dad, the loser said it doesn’t matter if they have no guests today, he alone is enough. I wonder how powerful he is? Does he really think he’s a somebody here in Aurous Hill?” At this moment, the voice from the front desk resonated from a distance away. It seemed that she deliberately raised her voice. “Announcing the arrival of Mr. Travis Lane of Lancaster…” Travis Lane? Charlie was a little bewildered. The last time he had met Travis was when the White family brought Jack Yaleman

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