Chapter 303

Harold smirked and said in a sarcastic tone, “Charlie, go ahead with your drama. I bet your so-called acquaintances are just some low-life gangsters and nobodies. Do you really think you’re so influential and powerful? I don’t believe you’re able to invite any prominent figures!” Wendy chimed in the sarcastic bandwagon. “A loser like Charlie is best at bragging. If no one attends your opening ceremony, you and this office will become Aurous Hill’s laughing stocks. Let’s see how you’ll get jobs or projects then!” Claire didn’t show any expression as she listened to the insults but anxiety slowly brewed in her heart. To put it bluntly, opening ceremonies were occasions that displayed company owners’ network connections and resources. If many guests were to attend the opening ceremony, it would show that the company had a strong business network and foundation especially if VIPs were among the guests. Such news would spread around their circle and many people would regard the company

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