Chapter 292

Jason had always been interested in Claire, and he knew about Charlie’s existence, but he had never met him before. When he finally realized that the man standing in front of his was none other than Claire’s husband, Jason looked at Charlie before pretending to ask him curiously, “I wonder what you are doing now, Charlie?” Charlie simply replied, “I am a vagrant now.” There was a flash of disdain in Jason’s eyes as soon as he heard Charlie’s words. Truth be told, he had already had a good impression of Claire when she was still working for the Wilson Group. He had deliberately looked for Claire when he heard that she had already started her own business. Therefore, he was the one who had intentionally thrown out the order for the refurbishment of the convention and exhibition center before inviting Claire over here today. At this time, Jason felt as though he had to show off his status in front of Charlie. Therefore, he looked at Charlie before he smiled and said, “Charlie, I don’t

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