Chapter 291

The host’s words stunned everyone present in the exhibition hall. These two cars were top-class luxury sports cars. There were just a few of these cars in the whole country, and an ordinary person could only see it in an auto show like this. The same man actually owned both of these cars?! Both of the luxury sports cars could not simply be bought with money! The Aston Martin ONE-77 could only be bought by members of the Aston Martin brand. Moreover, the member would only be eligible to buy the car if he already owned three or more Aston Martin sports cars worth more than tens of millions of dollars each. That was the basic qualification criterion for the member to be eligible to buy the car. The Aston Martin ONE-77 was very limited and there were only seventy-seven units of this car in the entire world. This particular one in the exhibition hall right now was the one and only Aston Martin ONE-77 in the country! It was even more difficult to buy the Bugatti Veyron Hermes special ed

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