Chapter 281

Don Albert didn’t dare to speak loudly as the significant figures of the city gathered together. Even though they were in his restaurant, he walked behind everyone and wagged his tail at Charlie like a pug, hoping that he would bat an eye at him. Looking at the extravagant spread and the decoration, Charlie smiled at Don Albert and said, “Good job, Albert. Thank you for the arrangement.” Albert smiled like a child receiving candy and said, “It’s my pleasure to serve you. Please have a seat.” Charlie nodded and sat in the main seat of the table. Albert bowed graciously at Charlie and said, “Please just call for me if you need any assistance, I’ll be waiting by the door!” Then, he gingerly exited the suite and stood by the door like a waiter. Albert Rhodes was the king of the underworld in Aurous Hill, but right now, he was nothing but a good-for-nothing thug. He was not yet qualified to sit at the table with Charlie and his distinguished guests—it was already lucky enough for him

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