Chapter 280

Charlie couldn’t help stealing a few glances at Jasmine, who was truly dashing tonight. If he compared her with Claire, their outlook and body were almost equal, but in terms of temperament, Claire was a few grades beneath Jasmine. After all, Jasmine was the daughter of the prominent Moore family. Her temperament was definitely more classy than an ordinary woman. Meanwhile, Aurora walked towards Charlie and bowed as she blushed again. Unlike the mature and sentimental Jasmine, the unique fusion of Aurora’s heroic appearance with the aura of a timid young lady was a special blend. Aurora wore light makeup, the natural heroine vibe from her body emphasizing her characteristics like the snow lotus on the iceberg, which was very chilly and alluring. However, after she acknowledged her feelings towards Charlie, she blossomed like a flower under the spring sunshine that added a little tenderness and gentle in her aura. She looked at Charlie with a layer of pinkish blush painting her

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