Chapter 270

It was no wonder he couldn’t find the pebble after that day, he had dropped it! Coincidentally, or rather, unfortunately, Loreen had picked it up… How could he explain it? Damn… Charlie bit his lips sheepishly and said in a casual tone, “What do you mean? It’s just some ordinary pebble.” Loreen looked Charlie in the eyes and said sternly, “Don’t lie to me! Zachary has already told me that this pebble is yours—it’s the rare, one and only peace and wealth pebble!” Charlie pursed his lips and looked away, silently cursing Zachary for spilling the beans! Since Loreen had grasped the conclusive evidence, Charlie could only confess with a reluctant nod, “Okay, fine, I’ll admit that I was the one who rescued you at the Aurous Bistro, but I was simply around the neighborhood when I saw you! Please don’t tell Claire!” He fell silent after confessing. They stumbled upon an awkward silence for a while. Charlie felt quite embarrassed and awkward. He didn’t know how to face Loreen since his

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