Chapter 269

Claire went to her new office early the next morning. Meanwhile, Charlie rode his electric scooter to the wet market. As Claire was very busy with her office lately, he specially bought some nutritious ingredients in order to cook some nice dishes for her. After he finished shopping, Charlie walked out of the market and stumbled upon Loreen. “Charlie!” Loreen shouted his name, thrilled and overjoyed. Charlie was surprised. “Hey, Loreen, what a coincidence!” Loreen looked at Charlie and mumbled hesitantly, “Yes… erm, no… no, I… I…” Charlie tilted his head, confused. “Speak slowly. Have you encountered any problems recently?” Loreen’s face turned into a bright shade of red. Actually, she had waited for him outside Claire’s house early in the morning and had been following Charlie all the way. Loreen cleared her throat, mustered some courage, and said, “I… I’m actually here to thank you for saving me yesterday.” Charlie smiled. “It’s my pleasure, I saved you because you are Clai

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