Chapter 267

When they drove into the city, the terrifying storm gradually subsided as if nothing had happened earlier. Then, a spring breeze dispersed the stormy cloud and a rainbow hung in the sky like a painting. Everyone looked upwards, mesmerized in nature’s beauty. Charlie stopped the car at the entrance of the antiquity commodity market and dropped Zachary off here. As soon as Zachary got out of the car, he bowed at Charlie respectfully and said, “Thank you, Master Wade!” Charlie looked at him and said flatly, “Zach, don’t ever tell anyone about what happened today, do you understand?” “Yes, of course! Don’t worry, Master Wade,” Zachary said in a gracious and serious tone. His face was full of admiration as he regarded Charlie as a godlike figure. Charlie nodded and drove away. Zachary, on the other hand, stood on the same spot and watched him leave, not daring to move even when the car had disappeared from his sight. Charlie sent Loreen, who still remained in the car, directly to the

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