Chapter 266

So, did this mean that she would not be letting her best friend down even if she was in love with Charlie? Perhaps her best friend would even be relieved if she got together with Charlie in the end! As she thought about this, Loreen hurriedly said to Charlie, “Then let me thank you for the trouble in advance, Charlie!” Charlie smiled at Loreen before he replied, “No, it’s no trouble at all.” His smile made Loreen’s heart beat even quicker at this time. Even though reason told her there was no hope for her since Charlie was her best friend’s husband, she could not help but to have all sorts of weird thoughts running through her head due to the emotional impulse she was feeling. Charlie did not know of what was going through Loreen’s mind at this time. Therefore, he gave Loreen his phone number without any hesitation. At this time, Zachary stepped forward before he said in a flattering tone, “Mr. Wade, you’re really incredible! Even someone as frightening as the Butcher Brothers c

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