Chapter 264

Even though it looked like a simple slap, when the slap hit him, all the reiki that Charlie had been accumulating rushed and penetrated into his head, rushing along his body along the meridian as it burst all the important veins in his body. Since his important veins had already burst, he also lost all of his skills! The man dressed in white was horrified as he yelled out in pain. How could anyone have such strong spiritual energy and reiki? He really could not fathom who Charlie was. How was it possible for anyone in Aurous Hill to have such incredible skills? Moreover, he felt as though Charlie’s skills were incomparable. Where did this guy come from? He had come here with his brother to kill, why did it seem like they were the ones getting killed instead? At this time, Charlie punched the man in his abdomen and with just one punch, the man in white felt as though he had become a completely useless person. He could not even move his hands and feet at this time and it felt as

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