Chapter 263

In the next second, everything was a blur. The figure of the man dressed in white was now a phantom as he flew towards Charlie. As soon as the man dressed in white punched the air, a wave of air set off around him as he forced the rain around him to disperse backwards involuntarily. Whenever the rain drops touched his fist, the rain would immediately turn into steam. “He was prepared to kill!” Zachary was horrified and he wanted to crawl and hide under the car. At this time, Loreen, who had just been pulled into the car by Claire, was also so frightened that she was holding her breath. She was extremely nervous and anxious at this time because she was afraid that her savior would die here today because of her. Even though Claire was also feeling very nervous, she felt that Charlie would definitely be able to defeat the two men. Charlie simply glared at the man dressed in white with a cold expression on his face. He was not afraid of the deadly glare in the man’s eyes at all. As

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