Chapter 237

Charlie was very unhappy at this time. After all, the only reason he had agreed to come here today was because he wanted to show some respect for Jasmine. Otherwise, the young master of the Wade family would not even have bothered to step into the Moore family mansion. Why would they even be worthy of his presence? Jasmine was also furious at this time. “Brother! How could you say such things? You might choose not to believe in someone’s ability but you shouldn’t disrespect them just because of that!” Reuben snorted coldly before he replied, “Respect? I only respect masters with real talents and skills. I don’t think swindlers deserve my respect at all!” After that, Reuben pointed at the old man standing next to him before he proudly introduced him, “This is Anthony Simmons, an extremely famous doctor in the South Region, and his granddaughter.” Charlie was slightly taken aback and he looked at the people standing before him. The old man and the young girl looked like a grandfath

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