Chapter 236

Later that night, Jasmine came all the way to pick Charlie up. Upon seeing Charlie, Jasmine arched her hands respectfully before him and greeted, “Mr. Wade, I’m really sorry to trouble you. Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Miss Moore, you don’t have to be so polite.” After that, Charlie noticed that Jasmine was wearing a diamond necklace around her neck. At this time, he asked out of curiosity, “This is the diamond necklace that you lost previously, isn’t it?” Jasmine nodded hurriedly before she replied, “Yes. This is the diamond necklace that my mother gave me before she passed away and it’s more important to me than my own life. Therefore, I’m really grateful towards you because if it wasn’t because of you, I would never have gotten it back, Mr. Wade.” Charlie smiled before he replied, “Jasmine, you have a connection with the diamond necklace. Even if I did not help you, it would’ve been transferred back to your hands after a short while.” Jasmine knew that Charlie was

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