Chapter 168

“No, no! He, he is not human! He is a god!” “No, don’t let the lightning strike me! I will kneel down and apologize to Mr. Wade immediately.” “Help me. I was wrong!” A few of the guests got down on their knees as they started bowing in front of Charlie. Graham was frozen in place from shock. However, the lightning only struck the black mosquitoes, turning them into coal without hurting anyone at all. At this time, Jack was extremely shocked and terrified! He would never have imagined that Charlie would have such tremendous powers! He was only an ant compared to Charlie! If he was stuck by the ferocious lightning, he would definitely drop dead in seconds! Jack started panicking at this time. Therefore, he quickly got up before he scrambled to escape out of the courtyard. He wanted to escape from Aurous Hill and never come back to this place again! How could there be such a venerable person in Aurous Hill? “Are you trying to escape?” Charlie smiled as he stretched his hand to

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