Chapter 167

In less than five minutes, all the fresh dishes on the table had already turned rotten and countless black mosquitoes started emerging from the rotten food. There was a rooster that the White family had raised ever since it was a chick in the White family courtyard. A few black mosquitoes flew to the rooster at a very fast speed. After less than ten seconds, the rooster started screaming as it flapped its wings frantically. After that, it fell to the ground and started convulsing until it dropped dead. Within a few seconds, many large black mosquitoes started emerging from the feathers of the dead rooster. At this time, the black mosquitoes were densely packed in the sky as they rushed towards the crowd of people like a whirlwind. It was very chaotic in the courtyard as the crowd of people tried desperately to avoid the black mosquitoes, as not only were the black mosquitoes extremely poisonous but they could also enter a person’s flesh through a wound on the skin. Even though th

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